Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hosting a House Concert: Bringing Live Acoustic Music Into Your Own Living Room

People who love live music and a low-key, chill atmosphere are bringing singer/songwriters into their homes for House Concerts across the nation. Here’s how to get started hosting live living room music.

Step 1: What Home is Right for a House Concert

A host will want to fill at least 20 chairs for a show and more would be even better. People who host house concerts regularly are able to seat 20-50 people, though House Concerts can be much larger if a home is big enough to accommodate more. Before moving forward with a House Concert, a host should feel confident that they can not only set up, but fill at least 20 chairs for the show. Listening bodies are important, because the artist’s pay depends on donated tips from a happy audience.

Step 2: Find an Artist

House Concerts can be done by any musician, but those who are actively performing shows in homes are usually tagged as a singer/songwriter of original music in the folk, bluegrass or Americana genres. For a first show, a host should try to find a local singer/songwriter. Singer/songwriters are everywhere, just ask around town or hit the Web and run a search for “singer/songwriter” and the name of the city nearest the host location. Chances are, the search engine will pop up a  website or Facebook page of several different artists.

A host should always pick a singer/songwriter whose music they like.

Another place to look for artists is the Concerts In Your Home Web site. They have a list of artists who regularly play House Concerts.

Step 3: Contact the Artist

A House Concert host should contact the artist and tell them they'd like to host a show in their living room. Artists will know what they're are talking about. Singer/songwriters do not usually charge a fee for playing a house concert, but depend on tips collected from “suggested donation” jars and CD sales as payment.

Step 4: Set a Date

When picking a date for a House Concert, a host should keep in mind that the artist books in advance and will need at least one, if not several, months notice. Hosts should choose some dates that work well for their schedule, but be sure to ask the artist if there are dates that would work better for them.

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